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At The Thomas Law Firm, our practice of employment law includes the following areas:

  • Discrimination in the workplace — Employers should judge their employees based on their performance, not on factors involving age or race. A pregnancy should be a blessed event, not a reason for a demotion or termination. Our lawyers help to even the odds for our clients dealing with discrimination at work.
  • Sexual harassment — At The Thomas Law Firm, we know that a dream job can become a nightmare when our clients are forced to work in hostile and sexually charged work environments. If an employer is not holding a manager or supervisor responsible for sexual harassment, we will pursue a claim on your behalf to see that justice is served.
  • Wrongful termination — A workers’ compensation claim or EEOC complaint should not lead to the loss of a job. Yet, many employers retaliate against hard-working employees for simply doing the right thing. If you have been wrongfully terminated, know that you have rights to pursue benefits following an accident and work in a non-hostile environment.
  • Wage and hour disputes — Sometimes, employers are “creative” in classifying non-management jobs as manager or supervisor. The tactic is used to deny overtime pay for an employee. Some staff members work overtime, but are denied rightful time and a half pay. Even work breaks are denied. If you are entitled to back pay for the work you have done, you need help from an experienced employment law attorney.
  • Whistleblowers and retaliation — If you have reported illegal actions by your employer against the U.S. government, you should be rewarded. However, many employees who have simply done the right thing are punished with demotions, transfers or termination. You have rights that need protection if you are involved in a whistleblower case that led to retaliation against you.


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